should they have to do the work??

Today is my administrative day without children. This is the day that I have to test students, take care of files and paperwork. It’s also my day to visit with teachers about my gifted students.
I constantly struggle with teachers complaining about “little Johnny” that has a D in their class. I ask the teacher about their test grade – which is usually an A. The reason they have a D is because they are not turning in their daily homework. My quandary with the teachers is this: if they know how to do the work (as evidenced with their test scores) ~ should they HAVE to do the work? Couldn’t they just show proficiency? Do 3 from every section and if it’s right be done with it?
I hear the argument that in the real world they can’t just tell their employer that they don’t want to to their work – so they should be learning the responsibility of doing their homework. I just think that in the real world, my many of my gifted students are not going to have jobs where they must do menial tasks every day.
So, what are you thoughts? If you have an A for your test grade – should you be forced to do the daily work?
I welcome your thoughts…..

34 thoughts on “should they have to do the work??

  1. What is the purpose of homework. If practice is necessary to gain competance, then practice. If practice isn’t necessary, then why practice?

    When I ran the gifted program in my district school board, I promoted the ‘toughest problem’ strategy. In short, if you could complete the most challenging problems assigned, then you could skip the other repetitive problems. With the extra time, many of my gifted learners were able to pursue personal passions: writing; movie-making; animation.

    Not everyone learns at the same pace; not everyone requires the same amount of practice. If homework is given to students, have a purpose, and be willing to differentiate what each student needs to do. At least, that’s my take…

  2. I see your point. I had some homework the other night, and there was about 20 problems on it, and each one had me multiplying didgits like 6.0406982 x 3.14…. it took around ten minutes for each problem. I knew how to do it perfectly fine after the first 2 problems…. I think that they arent actually doing it based on what really works, but what they think works. They don’t observe us, they just use what they think will work best.

  3. I agree that if the students learn and consistantly get good grades, they shouldn’t have to keep doing the same thing over and over. If they are struggling though, they need more practice on the subject.

  4. I agree with you. If we already know how to do it and we are good at it let us move on and learn somthing new. Now, if their are way to many kids in the class to have to teach two different things I can understand that but, most of the time there are not that many kids in a class. So, it depends on the size of the class and the teacher.

  5. If you learn something once, most people shouldn’t have to hear it over and over, say about 20 times (or problems.) If the test scores are excellent, what gives the teachers the idea that the child doesn’t understand it? If you are understanding the subject, then why waste time repeating it over and over when you could be learning new subjects? I am not one to say that my opinion is the truth, but ask yourself this question; If teachers don’t like to waste time, then why don’t they evaluate the test scores and see if the students understand it? If they are getting it down, why are you repeating the things they know? Look at it more than one way, in more than one person’s shoes…

  6. I, for one, enjoy homework. I know I probably do not speak for my fellow students when I say I think homework SHOULD be required. I believe that it will greatly benefit people later in life. Example: If people cannot remember to turn in their homework now, what makes you think that they will be able to turn in other work (for their jobs) later in life? Also, homework is a way of seeing how well you remember things after a day of school, because some people DO forget. It is a way of enriching your knowledge on certain skills. If you can get straight A’s on tests, I think you should be able to handle the responsibility of homework.

  7. No, I think it is silly to make kids that get A’s on their tests to do homework. If the kid knows how to do the assignment and get everyone correct and gets a C or D as their final grade becuse of their homework I think it is not fare on their behave.

  8. I agree. The homework is hard to keep up with sometimes. We shouldn’t have to have a hard time with keeping up with homework when we have an A on tests. If we are strugling we need the practice but if we consistantly get good grades with we shouldn’t have to do the work.

  9. I think that you should have to do five problems and if you get them all right you do not have to do the homework assignment, but if you miss any you do.

  10. I think if i knew how to do something i shouldnt have to do the work. If my grade isnt near as good as my test grade that just means im disorganized not that i dont know what im doing. So i agree if somones test grades are okay they shouldnt have to do the work.

  11. Every day when i learn a lesson in math, my teacher asks us to read at least two pages on the subject from the text book. After i read it i usually dont understand untill i have a couple examples, and usually she will give us at least 10 examples on the given subject. By that time, i understand perfectly what she is trying to teach us. She gives us our worksheet, which, if we’re lucky, has less that twenty five problems. we work on it for atleast 10 minutes, and then the bell rings.
    After all our other hours, i go home, and do my homework in less than 15 minutes. its usually easy, but if i dont understand something, i ask my brother for help on one or two problems, then I inderstand it again.
    I go back to school, grade the paper, and get atleast an eighty percent or higher. Then I wonder… if I understand this so well, than why am I doing this? of course practice makes perfect, but what if you’ve had enough practice? and thats what i dont understand. Why practice something… when you already know how to do it?

  12. homework is not boring but most of the time you only have it because you dont finish it .I mean if you do really well on test than what the point of getting the same problems three times a week? If we didn’t have the same homework three times a week than we can move to something harder.i know the teachers just want to help us learn but one home work sheet is all that most people need . If lots of people dont get a good grade on the first sheet than that would be a good time to give a one more work sheet.


  13. I think that if your test grades are really good, then bad homework grades shouldn’t count against you. If you know how to do the work well enough, then I don’t think you should have to do the daily work. If you need practice, then do it, but if you know the stuff why waste your time? There’s so many other things you could be doing instead of homework on stuff you already know. But, on the other hand, practice makes perfect right? And I think it’s important to learn to be responsible for your work. If you’re never turning your homework in, then how are you supposed to do that? Later on, you can’t tell your boss you forgot or you had to go somewhere, you’ve got to do your work or you’ll get in trouble. So, I think that whether or not gifted students should have to do homework depends on how you look at it.

  14. I, for one, do not dislike homework, but I do not think of it as “fun”. If you make a 100% on your test, but you have a D average for not completing other assignments (homework), that is just not the way it should be. Now, dont get me wrong, education is important, but couldnt you just keep moving on with other subjects, not repeating the same lesson once or twice? It isnt necessary to do.

    Thank you to anybody who has read my comment.
    Grant H.
    6th grade ESC student

  15. I think that we should just dump out homework and just give a test every week or so. I think we sould just say hay these kids know what they are doing. I think that the teachers would know becouse i mean you cant realy cheat on a test becouse you usualy have a teacher monitoring you the hole time. All i am trying to say is take the homework to the dump and just have a test every week.

  16. YES!!! Thank you Mrs. Townsley! I completely agree with your point of view. Instead of having to do 35 problems on our homework we should only have to do 5. This would also save time in class because then we wouldn’t have to spend a while on grading.

  17. Honestly i dont think the kids should have to do all of the work. If the make an A on a test im sure they are smart enough to do their homework. At school its pretty much the same thing over and over every and it does get boring.

  18. I think we should only have to do 5 to 10 problems in class but if you miss more than two you have to do the homework assignment

  19. I agree with you I stongly dislike homework I almost never have time to hang out with my friends when I have home work and with sports and stuff like that so thats why I dont like homework.also I think that we sould have like some papper whith about 5 questions on it and if we get 4 out of the 5 questions right then we shouldn’t have any home work case we already know the lesson

  20. I don’t think it’s a good idea to give the students so much work! I know it’s a bit of a cliche for a 6th grader to say that, but if you know how to do it, then you shouldn’t have to do it so much! Maybe 4 or 5 problems, but the students that are behind should do more, maybe 9 or 10. I only have AP literature, but I have all As and I sometimes think it’s unfair to give the students that understand the problems a lot of homework. So I agree with you.

  21. I totaly agree! Why should we practice something over and over again if we already know how to do it? I mean… I have like a 97% in math and I’m still required to do so much homework, that I’m up till like 10 at night! And math has never been my favorite subhect so that makes it even worse.

  22. Well, I dont’t like homework because I have a lot of after school activities and I am ALWAYS busy!!!! I wouldn’t mind having a break… I would actually prefer a break. It’s also a lot harder if you have advanced classes and they expect a lot out of you. I am doing fine the only reason two of my grades dropped down to a 91% is because I was having a bad week and I two tests!!!!

  23. Yeah you shouldn’t get alot of homework if you get an A+ on tests. I mean you should get homework but not more than 10 if you completely get the problems.

  24. I believe we should have one worksheet a week! It’s annoying when you have a 99.8 percent and if you forget one little worksheet that you have to do detention! I wish that there was no homework because SCHOOL is for work HOME is for relaxing! But you can’t relax when you have 50 math problems and basketball! It is even more homework for the teachers! Then they have to be all stressed out!! So that concluding it’s hard on students AND teachers!


  25. I believe that we actualy should have to do some of the work to prove responsibility and still perfect our skills, but I believe we should only have to do the work if we have have problems in that subject. If we just prove ourselves in class, we shouldn’t have to waste time doing homework!!! I understand it’s part of a teacher’s job description, but I can imagine it’s not exactly the funnest thing to do grading all those papers. If we didn’t have to do as much reveiw work, it would make teachers and students more happier.

  26. I think we should have homework because we need the extra practice. But if we have been working on it for more than a few weeks than do we really need any more practice.

  27. I think you shouldn’t have to do the work if you already know how to do it. But if you don’t know how to do it you should have to do it.

  28. I think that homework SUCKS! But, I still think that you dont need home work. But, if you completely bomb the test, you will need home wirk to back it up.nice thinkin Mrs townsley!

  29. I think homework should not be required in advanced classes because kids with advanced classes have more curriculum skills,normaly, so we should lean how to do the different skills and then have a quiz at the end of the week (Thursday and Friday) about the skills that the class learned.

  30. I think that you are right. Homework should only be required if a student is struggling on a lesson or test. If we have to do homework, it should only be once a week.

  31. I agree with you completely. If we no how to do the work, what’s the point of making us do 60 to 100 problems of homework. Just to waste our freetime?

  32. I think that students should get our lesson in class and do work in there. If the teacher sees that kids aren’t getting it or struggling, THEN they should give a worksheet that explains it so they can work on it at home. I do think they should give a little homework every now and then to keep kids in touch with what they are doing. And so the parents see what they are doing. I do NOT think they should overload us with HW because if we are up till 9-10:00. I mean, we are already in school for half the day, I don’t think we should have time taken away from our family because of homework.

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