Motion Math

I missed posting yesterday. MAN ~ I guess I will forgive myself and pick back up today. I had BUNCO at my house yesterday, so I went home after school and cleaned!! (GOOD EXCUSE!)

This week in class we are using the iTouches. I have a different group of kids each day (Gifted & Talented) – so I have the kids using the APPS that I suggested in my last post.

This particular video shows students using MOTION MATH.  The boys really like this because it’s a bit more kinesthetic than other Math games.  It is neat seeing students so engaged in Math.  They kept saying the “this Math is BEAST!”  Translation- BEAST = GROOVY (my era) = BAD (circa 90′s) = TOTALLY AWESOME (circa 80′s).

So, I can let them play a “game” that’s “BEAST” and teaches them fractions, decimals etc.


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